In early 2010, Panalpina re-evaluated and re-vamped its corporate strategy to increase its focus on profitable growth through its passion for solutions. One of the steps taken during the strategy review was to change from a geographically-driven organization to a product-driven one with a strong focus on Industry Vertical customer-specific solutions.

To that end, Panalpina has refined its customer group or Industry Vertical (IV) organization; increasing the number from seven to ten IVs. This was achieved by separating the formerly combined "Healthcare and Chemicals" and "Retail and Fashion" IVs into individual groups and by adding a new IV for "Manufacturing".
Beginning January 1, 2011, Panalpina will focus on ten core industries in which it provides industry leading expertise and tailor-made customer specific solutions.

The Annual Report 2010 reports on the seven Industry Verticals which were in effect until the end of the reporting year.